Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon - 1, Rutgers - 0

The snow hasn't even started yet, but Rutgers canceled classes for tomorrow because of the snow storm we are expecting overnight. Not only am I looking forward to the snow, but looking forward to some time to catch up on some school work that I had been neglecting while studying for the LSATs.

We are expecting somewhere from 10 - 20 inches and I hope it happens. ONE big snow storm per season is all I ask for!!

My cousin sent me this picture from this past weekend outside their house (they live in VA- where after having 30 inches of snow, they are expecting another 20 inches):
Wishful thinking, I know, but can we get something like this? :)

Update (8:01 P.M.) - it just started snowing very lightly! Doesn't this happen to me a lot? :)

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Muslim Girl said...

Wow, that looks crazy! Btw I love the new layout :)

Summaiyah Hyder said...


and yeah, it does look crazy! we didn't get that much (but still got a decent amount)... uploading a few pictures now.

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