Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Years Down... Two Years to Go

I am DONE! After a very LONG semester... I am finally done my second year of undergraduate! My sixth (and last) final was yesterday and in six days, my brother and I will be going to Norway ... so I am extremely excited about that. Looking forward to the trip has made the last month and a half unbearably long... but at last, it's only a few days away. :)

It's so weird to think that I just finished my second year at Rutgers ... time is literally flying. I am definitely big on reminiscing and it is so weird every time I do so. It seems as if it was just a few years ago where it seemed as if college kids were "old", and all we worried about was the trivial things in life. To think, that in two years I will (hopefully) have my Bachelor's degree makes it sound unreal.

This summer should be quite busy, and quite fun with all the weddings and what not in the family, but I hope it doesn't go by too fast.

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